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SUSTAINABILITY is not a new trend anymore. It is the New Reality. No time to postpone anymore.

We at MICE industry need to help our clients to think more sustainable by offering some ideas for sustainable events. In Ukraine we launched separate division for this purpose: Eco Events in Ukraine.

At this discussion forum we plan to share and exchange ideas, what MICE organisers should do to be more sustainable and socially responsible.

Just join us to find out!

The event will be LIVE! 

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Limited to 20 spots. Event duration: 45 mins.

The event will be LIVE! 

It is possible to: Travel sustainable. Meet sustainable. Live sustainable.

Let’s discuss it during our DISCUSSION FORUM about SUSTAINABLE EVENTS.

This discussion forum for sharing and exchange ideas, what we can do as MICE organizers to be more sustainable and social responsible.

We will share some our ideas, how to make your corporate event greener in Ukraine or in any other destination in the world. To give you some insights for your green communications with your clients. Some green add-ons during your next group. Small steps will lead us to result.

But still we have more questions than answers now, so we invite you for LIVE DISCUSSION and IDEAS EXCHANGE for this important topic.

Let’s act green already now. Let’s make this world better together.
See you online!

Organizer Info

Marina Antonyuk and Ms.Mariia Dudko

Marina Antonyuk and Ms.Mariia Dudko

Ukrainian Incentives –  your local expert in Ukraine.

We are DMC for Ukraine and focused on MICE as

we are sure that narrow-specialized company allows to provide:
More value, More attention to details, More ideas
to our clients.

We are here to inspire people by incentive travel for new personal wins.

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