The 1st Award-Winning
Virtual Show

For Travel & Event Professionals

September 1-4, 2020


The show is back.
And now, goes 3-D, for you!

Only exclusive audience.
Only boutique travel & event planners.
Only high-end properties.

Explore new technologies and potential pathways towards the future of travel & events.

Stay connected, updated, and inspired, by the latest, coolest and most informed news and trends in technology, traveling and events.

Connect with forward thinkers who dare to innovate!

Be part of it!

What makes this experience stand out?

We’re ONLY focused on YOU!

Connect with the most exclusive boutique planners who have a deep understanding of the travel and event space and will show you all they know to:

 Help you navigate the uncharted waters and handle the current circumstances with the confidence, subtleness and trust your customers need to feel right now.

 Give you 24/7 real-time updates of the status in every country, including all safety and security protocols as well as real peoples’ insights.

 Explore the latest, coolest and most informed technologies and potential pathways and trends towards the future of travel & events.

Upgrade your services, with trusted partners whose mindset, diverse expertise, passion for efficiency, and extremely high standards in execution will match 100% the level of service you want to deliver.

 Be part of the inner circle of forward thinkers and dare to innovate and envision the travel and event space of the future.


Why this is what you need to help your business, now?

Business-focused environment.

Utterly efficient 1-on-1 meetings.

Meaningful business connections.

Insightful, thoughtful, and empathic mindset to help you stand by your customers as true pros.

Balanced business and leisure activities.

Tailored to your business hours & availabilities.

Designed to help you get tools, ideas and connections to jumpstart your business, now!

Be part of it!

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