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Apo Island, a world-class diving destination, wellknown for abundance in marine life. Home to shoals of fish swimming in clear blue waters of the Reef. There are 400 species of corals and 600 species of fishes in 85 families that include damsel fishes, wrasses, butterfly fishes, groupers, gobies, angel fishes, blennies, parrot fishes, cardinal fishes, spine checks, trigger fishes, fusiliers, siganids, squirrel fishes and trevallies. A highlight at the marine sanctuary is Turtle Point with the giant sea turtles.

Apo Island has beautiful beaches, too with unspoiled white-sand coves. Soft white sand and patches of fine corals, clearly visible through the crystal blue waters, truly an entrancing sight to behold.

The event will be PRE-RECORDED but the Organizer will be LIVE and ready to answer all your questions.

PRICES start as of 35 USD pp for the BASIC version and 65 USD pp for the PREMIUM version.

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To make it Premium – we can send:


  • Snorkeling Set (Fin and Masks)


  • South Pacific Pearls (necklace)


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Manfred Schweizer

Manfred Schweizer

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