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We all used to provide real incentive experience to our clients. But now we can do it only online.

Therefore, we have created an art-lesson about UKRAINIAN CULTURAL EXPERIENCE.
Special Petrykivka painting style, listed in UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage List.

Everybody needs an Art-break now.  So, let’s do one together and experience its creative power.

Today for you:
Petrykivka decorative painting, a phenomenon of the Ukrainian ornamental folk art, which you can make by yourself.

Watch the video trailer: https://youtu.be/kpELCkoTi94

The event will be PRE-RECORDED but the Organizer will be LIVE and ready to answer all your questions


PRICES start as of 12 EUR pp. Please contact us for an offer.


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Limited to 15 spots per session. Event duration: 1 hour.

Special Petrykivka painting style, Inscribed in 2013 on the Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity

This is decorative-ornamental style of painting, which you can perform at home any time. Step-by-Step you will make same beautiful decoration for your home.

Style of ornamental painting that is characterized by fantastic flowers and other natural elements, based on careful observation of the local flora and fauna. This art is rich in symbolism: the rooster stands for fire and spiritual awakening, while birds represent light, harmony and happiness. In folk belief, the paintings protect people from sorrow and evil. Local people, and in particular women of all ages, were involved in this folk art tradition.

Please, note that for this experience you need to prepare following materials in advance:

— your basis for decoration: paper or wooden desk
— any paints: gouache  OR acrylic paints
— napkins
— thin paint brush (better from squirrel hair paintbrush, but you can paint it with any soft brush).
— scheme drawing
— pencil and eraser

The event will be PRE-RECORDED but the Organizer will be LIVE and ready to answer all your questions

Video-lesson by: Ms.Larisa Mansurova,  honored Ukrainian folk master, specialized in Petrykivka paintings.
Q&A Session by organizer: Ms.Marina Antonyuk

See you online!

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Marina Antonyuk

Marina Antonyuk

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