What to expect

A great way to experience powered paragliding and enjoy great views of San Lucas coast with its pristine beaches, famous surf breaks and the Sierra Laguna mountain range in the background, considering a local guide to introduce destination and professional video-producer.

Recorded video; travel buddy and live streaming in some activities.

The event will be PRE-RECORDED but the Organizer will be LIVE and ready to answer all your questions.


PRICES start as of 100 USD pp. Please contact us for an offer.

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Things you will need:

VR Googles.


Duration: 20Mins

Organizer Info



As Chief Insider Trouble Maker of the Nomadic Totem tribe, he fuses a new lifestyle of the care-free ethos of a nomad explorer with a sophistication of premium services. His services are for all kind of travelers who would like to live each destination in a unique and local way. Rest assured you will receive the most premium services available from him.

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