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Experience the whole of Coron Island, paddling 80 km circumnavigating from its tourist highlights through to its secret lagoons and jaw-dropping undercut limestone cliffs. This adventure takes you to the southern point of Coron, Calis Point – a less frequented part of the island. Part of the program will be to discover life and traditions of the Tagbanua tribe living on majestic Coron Island. They lived here for thousands of years, descendants of some of the oldest people to settle in the Philippines. They prepare for a courtship dance. Two men battle on the sand, a woman dances to their side. They are fighting for her love and she is waiting to see who will prevail.

The event will be LIVE!


PRICES start as of 120 USD for the Real Time Travel Buddy and 140 USD pp for the Virtual Reality 360 version. Please contact us for an offer.

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To make it Premium – we can send:

  • T-Shirt with Philippine Design
  • Snorkeling set (fins and mask)



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Manfred Schweizer

Manfred Schweizer

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